Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#28 ~ She's been everyone else's girl...

The Fashion: 

Skin: .ploom. - Lea_Cream - LB - Smoke *PROMO*
Shape: My own
Hair: (Milana) Emma - Light Blondes
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / BlueGreen
Eyelashes: .ploom. Lashes 6

Shirt: JANE - francie so innocent blouse.milk
Skirt: LeeZu! Nuage Skirt / Art Nouvelle *MESH* (NEW)
Shoes: [LeLutka] - Saffron Pumps (Neutral Sand)

Pose: Magnificant Poses
Location: LaPerla II Old Italy
Listening: Tori Amos "Girl"

Monday, January 30, 2012

#27 ~ Scribble

The Real
They say the stars and planets are aligning. That right now is the luckiest of chances. To whom will those lucks of nature come to? Will they come to those that pray for deliverance, or those that wish upon falling stars? What if ones don't believe in such fairytales?

I wish I could believe in fairytales. I do remember a time when I did. But it was so long ago, now I wonder if the stories are just figments of my imagination. Images and words in the shallow creases of my mind. They are there...hidden.

Can I find them?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

#26 ~ Patina, Potato

The Fashion
The colors of Patina....

For Luna's 52 Weeks' of Color Challenge: My version was a quick hop over to the new store Entente where I lagged myself along with a few others and grabbed a few things for the girls...(from what I hear there will be more!) I had hoped to find something in my massive inventory on Katy (the avi I tend to use a lot for my pictures), but since I had been at the new store, I felt it only best to show off the new duds.

Skin: .ploom. Lea - Cream - DB - Smoke *PROMO*
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Babysitters Club Lashes
Make-Up: [Misc. Inc.] I Love Liner - Charity 2
Hair: >TRUTH< Valeska w/Roots - Cocoa
Eyes: .:A&M:. Element Eyes - Ocean (Group Gift)
Eyelashes: .ploom. - Lashes 6

Jacket: Armidi - Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Burgundy]
Tank: JANE - intrinsic.tank - brown truffle
Pants: Entente - Classic Chinos - Green *NEW*
Shoes: *G Field* Flower Pumps - Eve - Chocolate (Group Gift)
Bag: ::Duh!:: Seasons Hunt Fall Bag

Pose: [.doll]
Location: Tableau
Listening: Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

#25 ~ The Rebel's Woman...

The Paradise
Under the weighted boot of El Generale, those within Cassava need an ear and hope. They look to those who are young and strong. Ones that would stand up to the cruelty that the he has brought into the city and country, in hopes that they will have a chance to regain somewhat of their livelihood back.

They are The Uprising. A young group of individuals, locals of the isle striving for a purpose. Some are thieves, others hold respectable jobs, some are fathers, mothers - your sister...

The Fashion
Taken at the Rebel's base on Cassava Island, home of Paradise Lost Roleplay

Skin: - DAMNED - MHO1 Hunt Gift
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: [Misc. Inc.] I Love Liner - Diligence 1
Hair: "LoQ Hair" Cobbler - Hypnotic Red *Group Gift*
Eyes: :[Plastik]: - Aleria Collection/Seelie - Blu
Eyelashes: Mynerva
Tattoo: You + Me = Fuck

Top: [ SAKIDE ] Ribbed Tee-shirt Dress Wine
Tape: :[Plastik]: Bandaids <3 U-Darkest
Skirt: [ Cynful ] Poskskirt - 2012 Special Outfit
Stockings: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings - Bramble
Boots: drd lazyheel *Zombie Popcorn*
Bag: DECO - Slingback (Skulls) *MESH* (Group Gift)
Earrings: [Aura] Phosphorus - Club Hoops - Coral
Rings: PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring - Citrine (Season's Gatcha - Winter)

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: Cassava Island
Listening: Don Henley "Boys of Summer"

Friday, January 27, 2012

#24 ~ Opaque

The Real
Not transparent or translucent; impenetrable to light; not allowing light to pass through.
Not shining or bright; dark, dull.
Hard to understand.

I always thought opaque was a beautiful word. It's meaning though sounds rather depressing. This is what you get for really learning about a GRE word.

The Fashion

Skin: al vulo! - may ghost of the past porcelain *gift*
Shape: My own
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Babysitters Club Lashes
Hair: ::Exile:: Josie - Moonlight (TDR)
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Green
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Jacket: R.icielli - DYLIA leather jacket / red
T-Shirt: -tres blah- C88 Graphic Tee - Love Potion No9 (C88)
Jeans: .:Acid&Mala:. I <3 my jeans - Low Rise - Ripped - Dark Blue
Boots: [Gos] Aviator Boot - Amelia in Worn
Hat: [NSD] Rufus Cap / Red (Season's Gatcha - Winter)
Purse: :pesca: chained bag gacha check and leather (Season's Gatcha - Winter)
Earrings: ::HH:: Hucci Tres Circle Earrings LRG (Group Gift)
Ring 1: PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring - Citrine (Season's Gatcha - Winter)
Ring 2: ~Pepper~ Pieces Ring 

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: Missing Mile
Listening: Dave Matthews Band "Cornbread"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#23 ~ He is the grand optimist..I am the world's poor pessimist

The Real
Everyday it's a new day. Each morning, I have to get up and start fresh. Although it seems dull and mediocre, it's something I have to do everyday in order to get through. I wake up. I read. I drink my coffee. I study. I job search. I play a little. Rinse and repeat until it's time to go to bed.

Words are little and barely said except for those in world or across the screen via a chat.

This is my world.

The Paradise
We are picking up! Two new PROs are started. An herb shop and jack of all trades place with it's own helicopter. Of course it's got a bit illegal going on, but it's bound to have some great stories coming out of it.

The Fashion
I do enjoy going to the Cupcake Sim where a lot of my favorite stores are, such as Milk Motion, The Secret Store, and Tee*fy. The cobblestones make for a great catwalk.

Skin: -tres blah- Gatcha Skin: Date Night (Season's Gatcha - Winter)
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: Grixdale - Body Shoppe - Seafoam
Make-Up: PIDIDDLE Cosmetics - Pearly Whites
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear)
Hair: Analog Dog - Washu - Spice (Christmas Gift)
Eyes: REDGRAVE - Rihanna - Multicolor
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Jacket: Tee*fy Long Loose Belt Dust Pink (FLF)
Top: R.icielli - GEORGIA body/nude (part of)
Skirt: Chain and Vine - Suede Mini - Curvy - Blue *MESH* (Group Gift) 
Stockings: jOLIE! Edenish floral stockings
Boots: {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots *MESH*
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Tripple Chain (silver chirstmass) (TDR)
Brooch: undefined lillies - tackered owl (silver/purple) (Group Gift)
Ring: PIDIDDLE - Gawdy RIng - Lost at Sea Sp. Edition (Group Gift)
Bag: Tee*fy Full Leather Holdall Bag Unisex (FLF)

Pose: Magnificant Poses
Location: Cupcake Sim
Listening: City and Colour "Grand Optimist"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#22 ~ Flicker...

The Real
The position was giving away. Back to the drawing board. I really hate being without a job. To someone that has been working since she's been fourteen years old - not working is a little weird, and not satisfying. I will keep my fingers crossed and keep plugging.

The Paradise
I haven't been rping lately. It's mostly been managerial things of late. We're only two weeks in. Eventually I will rp. Until then...stay tuned. Stories to come.

The Fashion
SL Art...I tried back a bit ago with windlight settings a couple years ago with Dou, when I went to Bentham Hollow to fool around.

Again, I step back into Bentham for The Menagerie - Theme 1: Beautiful Losers

Was a flicker, light
Rushed fast and pressed

Wings seemed hurried, churned
Breasts were heavy

Arms did cradle, empty
Thoughts spastic

Ideas made, answered
Realism sets in

Hand over stomach, full
Early morning cocktail

Holding hands, tight
Juice and crackers ate

Tears soothed, late
Empty beds did make

Strained emotions, tossed
Memories all but lost

Skin: al vulo! - chen *waterdriad *Group Gift*
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Babysitters Club Lashes
Make-Up: Kyoot Makeup - Cateye 1 (Winter 1)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Diva" (Mercury) *Group Gift)
Eyes: :[Plastik]: Haunt Collection - Frost
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Dress: Kyoot - Pretty White Dress
Shoes: *G Field* Flower Pumps "Eve" White

Pose: K**Stand
Location: Betham Hollow
Listening: Tori Amos "Spark"

Monday, January 23, 2012

#21 ~ First train home...got to get on..

The Fashion
coldLogic is having a contest for those who have joined their subscribo group, which you can do so located: HERE. With it, you receive this Free Winter mesh dress that is a gift to you and a start to be showcasing what will be coming on February 1st, when they open their doors to the public.

For details on this contest you can read here.

*crosses her fingers!*
Avatar: Katya Valeska

Skin: Lara Hurley - Oksana (With Love Hunt)
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: ::Plastic Flowers:: Purple Smoke
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Latex Liner Dark Burgundy *Gift*
Hair: fri.day - Apple - Natural Ginger
Eyes: :[P]: Vae Collection - Ancient
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Dress: coldLogic - Free Winter - Ruby *Group Gift*
Shirt: fri.day - Basic.Turtleneck (Oatmeal)
Leggings: Kyoot - Hollander Leggings (Black)
Boots: [GOS] Aviator Boots - Amelia in Worn
Gloves: Izzie's - Leather Gloves - Black
Necklace: (Elate!) Silver Pocket Watch Necklace
Bag: tulip. Breakable (Gray) (Season's Gatcha - Winter)

Pose: Everglow
Location: Burley Village
Listening: Imogen Heap "First Train Home"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#20 ~ Random incorporation...

The Real
So I'm a little behind in my writing.

When I first thought about coming over here, the idea was to do a 365 blog. It is to incorporate a mesh of my real life writings, ramblings and what-nots, along with the works of what I'm doing along with the sim that I currently run within Second Life with a few other friends, and the fashion that has grabbed me by the 'throat' - literally.

So, I still plan on doing that. 'Cept I need to get off my ass and catch up since this is blog #20 and it's January 22nd.... *sighs*

Well, Friday was my birthday - Happy Birthday to meeeeee...and I reached that pivotal age of mid-range that I wish I wasn't but I am, and the thoughts are in my head of where the fuck should I be. Do you ever ask yourself that? Are you where you're supposed to be? How does one get gumption to just get up and get what they want? Hmmm...if I knew, would things be just a tad bit easy to reach for? I question these little things because it's something that goes on in my head as I sit and study for the this exam I have to take in order to place into my Master's program. I think - I'm scared. I don't know why, but I am. I wish I knew...

The Paradise
We had a Town Hall Meeting today at the Penthouse of the Hotel Blanca on the sim. It was an OOC meeting to discuss what we're doing along the sim and what the players who are currently rping on the sim thought and had questions on. It went really well, things were brought up about sim wide rps, commodities, gun permits...sex. God, every sim I know needs sex. Yes - Sex Sells in RP.

The Fashion

Skin: -tb- Gatcha Skin: Mod (LS, light brows) (Season's Gatcha - Winter)
Shape: My own
Make-Up: ee. Midnight - Blue
Hair: Magika [Hair] Distracted - blonde
Eyes: ROZENA ~ Avian eye ~ Christmas red
Eyelashes: REDGRAVE - 19 DIVA

Top: MONS / Dress / Tekila - aqua
Pants: JANE - francie pants.raven
Belt: fri.day - Wide Waist Belt - Fruit Punch *FREE*
Boots: :)(: Ultimate Boots Black
Bag: Fleshtone :: The Huntingtone Bag [Glitter] *Group Gift*
Necklace: LaGyo - Adriel Necklace - Silver (C88)
Earrings: LaGyo - Adriel Earrings - Silver (C88)

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: Primitive City
Listening: Bjork "Venus As a Boy"

Saturday, January 21, 2012

#19 ~ And you said goodbye..could you see my tears?

The Fashion 
When thinking of something for the upcoming color...I finally realized that I didn't want to follow just on the footsteps of what I thought others might just do. I have the Chain and Vine dress in my inventory. I do have the new coldLogic dress as well. Both group gifts that would fit perfect for this week's Color Challenge color of Iron on Luna's blog. But instead, I stepped away and dug down a bit deeper and pulled out something that I had only worn once and wanted to wear again. This shift dress from {So Many Styles}, just a store that I've always loved to go to.

Skin: [CIA] Sofia skin NATURAL - Red Lips - Freckles (With Love Hunt)
Shape: My own
Make-Up: RAW HOUSE::: Kill Count Tears
Hair: [Shag] Black Tie Affair - Starlight
Eyes: :[P]:-Aleria Collection/Hypnotique - Dream
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Dress: {SMS} Asy Tunic Grey
Socks: Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks - Mocha
Shoes: [ SAKIDE ] Latex Rubber Pumps - Gold (Depraved Christmas Hunt)
Scarf: Zaara - Kashish Scarf (FLF)
Gloves: Izzie's - Leather Gloves - Rust
Bag: Maitreya Leather Satchel - Mustard *MESH* (FLF)
Earrings: .( bewildebeest ). Alma Earrings - Gold - Mozambique Garnet (Store Closing)

Location: Cupcake Sim
Listening: Madonna "Rain"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

#18 ~ Socially acceptable...

The Real
I've always been addicted to social media. Been in the know. Been into computers and the whatnot. I MySpaced, I Twittered, I telneted, I AOLed, I chatroomed, I have done it all. I still like to do it. Sometimes it does it get overwhelming and now and then it does stop me in my tracks and I have to take a step back and say....WHOA.

But then I jump back in like a kid in the bouncy ball room. Weeeeeeeee!

The Paradise
"Get together...right now...over me"... "hot time..summer in the city..."

The body count is rising. The Peacekeepers are making trouble by burning the clinic down, while the Rebels are shouting for blood. The locals are caught in the middle. Isa...is caught standing in the square, not knowing what to do..or where to precede.

The Fashion
You can connect with me here:
About Me: Simply Dou
Twitter: @Simplydou
Klout: Simply Dou
Plurk: Douleur

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#17 ~ KISS...

The Real
Now I can sit here and feel sorry for myself and be like...blah blah blah..or I can actually do something about it. So the idea is for me to do something about my life.
But really...where are you to start?

If I knew where the starting line was, I think I could do this.

I am procrastinating on my dream.

The Paradise
We've been one week in now. So it's been going slow. And I get that. It's hard for people, especially in the roleplay community to leave areas that they are comfortable in, even if they sit there and complain that they are bored and that they want a new place to rp in.

So, you start and idea, and you bring it to life. People are excited. Your groups are filling up. Opening day arrives...and you have five dedicated people rping on the sim! Great! But where are the rest...you can only last for so long with those five..or ten. You need more in order to thrive and survive.

In Second Life, especially in the roleplay community, sims come and go every other month. Those that do make it, make it because they push the envelope and they have people there that can be online all the time running. I worry on our sim. We don't have that. We have five of us that can only do so much and we're all on at different times.

I do believe we have a good niche. We have a great story that Paradise Lost has and once people can get their groove on and actually start to write, they'll see how much they'll love the way it flows. The rules are simply, not constrictive. It's one thing we take pride on, the simple things. KISS. Too many rules kill a sim. Drama kills a sim. Lack of encouragement kills a sim.

You start somewhere.

Monday, January 16, 2012

#16 ~ Drive...

The Real

Lack there of. I get up. I move. I can't seem to foster anything else. January is not the best of months. Some may call it the blues. I'm in the City of Blues. Oxymoron. But I feel it. It's dragging down deep. In a few days it will be my birthday. I will be another year older, another year wiser and still....where?

Motivation withstanding.

The Paradise
I'm standing here alone.

The Fashion

Skin: -tb- {LIght} C88 Fusion Skin - Light Brows (C88)
Shape: My Own
Hair: >TRUTH< - Velvet w/Roots - Swedish (Stumblebum Brigrade)
Eyes: .ID. December Group Gift / Green
Eyelashes: REDGRAVE -19- DIVA

Jacket: *COCO* Shirt & Parka (Check Red) Group Gift*
Tank: fri.day - Romcom Tank (White) (FLF)
Jeans: [ATOMIC] Skinny Jeans - Vintage
Boots: DECO - Harness Boots (small) *MESH* (FLF)
Bag: [Aura] My super oversize sack - Bear Rawr - Green *MESH*
Earmuffs: Willow~ Woodland Earmuffs - Bear (Season's Gatcha - Winter)

Pose: Torridwear *No longer*
Location: Three Moons Village
Listening: Dave Matthews Band "Drive In, Drive Out"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

#15 ~ Je suis a toi...

The Fashion
I told myself I would read more of the blogs this week, meaning I would go through a lot more and look at them, view the pictures - see what others are doing and maybe learn something new. After all, we learn from each other to make our own way.

Electric Indigo for Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Part Deux

Skin: -Glam Affair- Gio Natural - Fall/Winter (TDR)
Shape: My own
Make-Up: cheLLe (eyeshadow) Iced Frost Black
Hair: "LoQ Hair" Whisky II - Black-Blue (TDR)
Eyes: .ID. December Group Gift / Blue
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Dress: (PixelDolls) Serpentine . Iron *MESH*
Shoes: *G-Field* Strap Shoes "Alex" Blue
Necklace: LaGyo - Adriel - Gold (C88)
Earrings: LaGyo - Adriel - Gold (C88)

Pose: aDORKable
Location: The Worlds End
Listening: Engima "Mea Culpa"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

#14 ~ She only comes out at night...

The Real
A while ago - that is, a few years back, I used to write a lot. When I would write, it would be mostly poetry. Maybe a few words of prose, a couple short stories, and now and then a keepsake of memories laid out on a notebook to which words would tumble out in such a way that they would sound like whimsical music to the ears.

Even now, those words tremble like tiny notes in the breeze.

Then I stopped writing.

I'm not sure why I did. But when I stopped, I had no outlet. For a while I couldn't decide what to do with myself. Then while I was thinking and doing my own thing I came upon role-playing in Second Life. Within role-playing I was able to story tell. I was able to capture a story and tell it through my eyes.

But it also went beyond. I could create a character.

Those characters...could be anyone...and because they could be anyone, it allowed me to be open with myself and do things that would be unspeakable. To get down and dirty: sex, drugs, and rock & roll. That's what role-play is about - story telling. Whether you are doing it within a post apoc sim, a gorean sim, a steampunk sim, or a dirty urban city sim - it's story telling.

It keeps my fingers nimble and my mind creative.

The Paradise
We are moving along. Slowly but surely, Paradise Lost is gradually getting people and stories. It's taking it's time but we're getting people.

The Fashion
The Season's Gatcha - Winter has opened up. I themed some of my things around an idea of what someone in my sim would wear...a girl caught on her way back to the flophouse in the early morning after a night of work...

Skin: al vulo - frida *passion tan *Group Gift*
Shape: My own
Make-Up: [mock] Darkened  Mood Garnets Makeover
Hair: Tiny Bird - Love You More - Deep Warm Black (FLF)
Eyes: .ID. December Group Gift / Brown
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Shirt: Lark - Enten Shirt - Pirouzeh (Seasons Gatcha Winter)
Skirt: R.icielli - ANTO II highwaisted skirt / cherry *Winter Hunt*
Shoes: Ingenue ::Abrial Boot:: French Vanilla (Seasons Gatcha Winter)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Huge pearl Drop earrings (russet silver) (Seasons Gatcha Winter)
Ring: PIDIDDLE - Gawdy Ring - Citrine (Seasons Gatcha Winter)
Bag: Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag (Used Leather Red) (Seasons Gatcha Winter)

Location: Cassava Island
Listening: Hall and Oates "Maneater"

Friday, January 13, 2012

#13 The Learning Garden

The Real (circa 2007)

I've forever been a person, lost in the wonderment of my own childish ways. Gathered by the ever growing number of people that come into my life, I can only grasp so much from them the knowledge that they bestow.

With each bit, I cradle in my hands, like buds of spring flowers, ready to bloom for all to see. But mine seem to lay bare, naked without sun. They thirst for water, begging for a fulfillment that I may not reach.

I would be so careless to drop them, search out more that would bloom, or stuff them in my pockets for later use. I would love to scatter them and watch them flower, but for what? Knowledge that I may not use, or could not? I may not understand. I am a bit slow in a lot of things, my grasp of detail not precise and I cannot debate to save my life.

But then again, useless knowledge could come in handy. The ideas thrown around in my mind, bounce like rubber balls that we played with as children. Ideas that only I could probably understand, and would in turn try to make you understand. It would sound like garbled mess, but after my understanding, you would probably see a different me.

Every word that I listen to I take in. My mind can only take so much before it's been overloaded and processed. I would so merrily hop away, playing the lost girl forever in her garden, but to tend the garden, one needs to know how to keep it from growing wild. So with each brand new idea, I tend to the blooms, seeding the ground with the buds that I've been giving.

I have no green thumb.

Lost words tend to spring up and jumbled weeds take over most times. I work, pulling the uselessness from the ground, allowing the buds that have bloomed to breathe in. These I want to understand. These I want to learn from, the ones that blossom so fully for me. Take me for granted, this is how I try. This is not me playing the imbecile it's only me realizing that I cannot understand all. In actuality, are we suppose to know all?

Skin: MOJO - MARAIA - Group Gift *Christmas*
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Eyes: :[Plastik]:-Haunt Collection-Hera's Gold (FLF)
Hair: LekLuka - AWE hair "Marilyn" *Group Gift*

Shirt: The Sea Hole - Minna Blouse - Sunbeam (C88)
Skirt: The Sea Hole - Heron Skirt - Sunbeam (C88)
Boots: ~gateau~ drover boot - sandstone
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) Owl Necklace

Location: Lula
Listening: Stevie Nicks "Witchy Woman"

#12 ~ Laundry day...

The Fashion
I need a style.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Light - Winter
Shape: My own
Make-Up: cheLLe - (eyeliner) EyePop Lime
Make-Up :GP: Pout-Lips 1
Hair: >TRUTH< Becky - Mahogany *Group Gift*
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Blue
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Top: Kyoot - Soft Resolution Top (White) - Stumblebum Brigade
Skirt: ** [RIDDLE] ** Basic Sweater Dress - Oatmeal (part of)
Bra: *Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie - Soignee Nude
Socks: Kyoot - Soft Rsolution Knee Socks (White) - Stumblebum Brigade
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Bowlorama Shoes - Mint & Pink

Earrings: [PM] Pixel Mode - Pearl Earrings *Group Gift*
Bag: Berries Inc. Tote Bag {snowflake} *past hunt gift*

Post: aDORKable 
Location: My home
Listening: Dusty Springfield "Breakfast in Bed"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#11 ~ Train of thought...

The Real
Another day. Another application. I didn't study. Urgh.

The Paradise
Slowly but surely. The market is saturated. We'll find our footing. I hope we do. We have a good sim. A good storyline. I want this to work. I want to write...

The Fashion
I'm frustrated on how to actually have my pictures turn out like most. I look at others on Flickr and those on blogs and I know that there is a lot of photoshopping going on, and I really don't want to have to go and spend the time editing my pictures, but I feel that I have to in order to 'impress'. Is this really the way?

Skin: [Atomic] Grace Skin (DB) Buff - Winter Kiss (TDR)
Shape: My own
Make-Up: R.icielli - Freckles 3
Make-Up: Grixdale - Body Shoppe - Emerald
Make-Up: =[Pom.Pon]= Beauty.-Spot-Lip-Tattoo
Make-Up: :GP: Pout-Lips 3
Hair: Analog Dog - Madison2 - House Wine - Christmas Gift
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Brown
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Jacket: AOHARU [TFG] Jacket - Red
Tank: R.icielli - MSMONROE Longshirt / nude (TDR)
Pants: JANE - wide leg pant.zooey.truffle (fair) *MESH*
Shoes: fri.day - Dream.Booties (Cream)
Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Kitten
Purse: The Secret Store - Girly Briefcase - Cherry

Poses: [.doll]
Location: Great Eagle
Listening: A-Ha "Train of Thought"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#10 ~ Seas

For an instance
To be drowned, alive
In your feverish wake
To feel the rolling of emotion
Crashing upon my feet, trail back
Leaving bits and flecks
Miniature cuts from your soul

For the moment
Walking into your waiting fathoms
To swallow your pride, heartache
To take comfort in the depths, pools
Of Neptune's flesh
Wanting forever to be
Part of fate


Monday, January 9, 2012

#9 ~ My world for a song...

The Real

I want to believe in fairy tales. I want to believe that there is something out there to make this world…a little bit better.

So where do we find it?

Do we latch on to delusions of things? Conjure up mysteries and mayhem to excite us? Fabricate a person to worship and rejoice in, and make others believe?

Tell me why you follow down the path you’ve chosen. Was it instilled in you when growing up? Did you find your belief, your faith, or your non-existent feelings on your own?

How do you decide if you’re going to be a good person, or a person who cares only for themselves?

I want to believe in fairy tales. To blind my eyes with dreams of niceties, and fellow man. To drink heartily from the cup of life and not let those that spout hatred and perform atrocities bother my soul.

But as an adult, I’m no longer allowed to believe in fairy tales. I’m no longer allowed to believe that peace will reign one day. That our Earth will stop weeping. That our children, and our future generations will see the good that we have sowed, instead of the bad.

If I am allowed to believe, and within, belief in myself, then I won’t worry about the persecution that may come from what I chose to follow.

I’m following a fairy tale.

The Paradise
We opened today. Good turn out. A little drama. "Oh I can't play here because so and so plays here and she's a whore." Uh...what? Hello? Kettle calling one black? We're all whores. Welcome to Second Life. Whore is an everyday word. Get used to it.

The Fashion
I've been reading a lot of J.D. Robb. Eve. Inspired.

Skin: :[Plastik]:-Aleria - Sandcastle-Flush (FLF)
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Hair: ::Exile:: Betty Lou - Midnight (Purple bow) (TDR)
Eyes: :[Plastik]:-Haunt Collection - Hera's Gold (FLF)

Jacket: .:A&M:. Punk Baby Outfit Leather Jacket
Shirt: -Tres Blah- C88 Graphic Tee - Leopard Cross (C88)
Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Moto Pants Beige (Fashionably Late)
Shoes: [PM] Luna Leopard *MESH* (Group Gift)
Glasses: Alphavillain - Mathletics Sunglasses (large)
Earrings: [Aura] - Phosphorus - Club Hoops - Violet (Four Corners Event)

Parasol: The Sea Hole - Heron Parasol - Sunbeam
Gun: Titan Industries 92FS Beretta

Pose: GLITTERATI & Long Awkward Pose
Location: Sick
Listening: The Police "Murder By Numbers"

Sunday, January 8, 2012

#8 ~ Isabella Maria Radcliff

The Fashion

For this little challenge: Coral.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Monica Tan TRD 28
Shape: My own
Make-Up: cheLLe (eyeliner) EyePop Lime
Make-Up: *BOOM* Hard Candy - Pink Sugar
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat - Dulciana - Brown Bittersweet
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / BlueGreen
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Top: JANE - Femme.lace Cami - Pink Blush
Skirt: JANE - Maxi Skirt - Lillith - Blush (fair) *MESH*
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * YaXkin Cocoa Sandals
Earrings: [Aura] Down Pour - Melon *VIP Group Gift*
Necklace: MIEL - UVA - Coral *Group Gift*

Location: The Dreamer's Islands
Listening: Silence (It's Sunday Morning)

The Paradise
Maybe what should be noticed about Isabella Maria Radcliff is the intensity of her eyes. Her mother always said that her eyes could bring down the most worthiest of opponents if ever in a cat fight. Maybe it was true, but the woman that would step onto the island not even a few months after her thirty-second birthday hadn’t even thought of those words in years.

Isa was born to Paula Ora Carlona, a Cassava native and John Michael Radcliff, a British Navy Captain,  on June 7th, 1979. Life on Cassava was a child’s playground – the beach, the sun and the wild. War, chaos and hunger lingered in the air but for a child, she would ignore as much as she could, or as much as her mother would hide it from her. Even when those in the cantina would shout and argue about the El Generale and his men, the dissatisfaction of the people. No money. No food. Where was her father?

At the age of ten, she was shipped off to London to live with her father and stepmother for each school year, as stated in the divorce papers signed by both parents during the joint custody hearings. Her summers would be spent upon the Cassava Island during the first couple years, but as she grew older, she came home less often, opting to spend her summers in the English countryside, or to travel off to France or to America. She had the advantages she knew others did not have, so she was bound to take them – why not. Who wanted to go back to a place that was so distraught and torn?

Upon graduating from high school, Isa decided to stay on, attending the London College of Fashion. Each and every semester, her excuses would get more elaborate on not wanting to return to the island, much to her mother’s dismay – and even to her own father’s. It was like she shunned the overall entity that was her culture. By the age of twenty-four, Isa finally returned to Cassava, only because her grandfather – her mother’s father – had passed away, and her mother had now been handed the reigns of the family business.

Many years would pass by that time. Isa’s life would be what she deemed she wanted, buying textiles and fabrics for the fashion houses in London. The world she knew in Cassava would only exist in letters she would receive from her mother, which she would now and then respond to around the holidays, sending money and gifts in exchange for her absences. It wasn’t until the day her father showed up at her flat that rainy Sunday afternoon to tell her…

…which landed her back at the door of the cantina, her mother – all but gone.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

#7 ~ The Blue Lotus

The Paradise

The Blue Lotus officially opened it’s doors on September 13th, 1957. On this day, Santos Jose Carlona and his wife, Regina Fae, tossed aside their worries and arms to embrace those they considered friends and foes – and let them into their home, plying them with the best they could offer in rums and local fare. From this the Lotus would become the staple of Cassava’s simple cuisine, giving way to many of those who came ashore to sample the islands fare and drinks.

As the years went by, the Lotus would gain notoriety on it’s own as the dwelling of those who rambled in the making of rebellion. They loitered in the corners of the bar, in the booths, behind the kitchen build. Talking with Papi, as Santos would become called (by his granddaughter Isa), along with his long-time friend Pao – they would rise up the ranks of the locals, yet keep the dogs at bay. Each time the Peacekeepers came to the door, sniffing to see what they would find, Papi would take the brunt, showing he would not throw his fellow Cassavian under foot.

Upon his passing, the Lotus would be handed to his daughter Paula, who – divorced from John Radcliff in the early 1980s, would continue the tradition that her father had done so well. Keeping the locals and tourists alike, happy with fare and spirits. Even during times of strife, when the island would seem to want to cave in on itself, and those that had fought to defend it’s freedom seem to have lost hope, the cantina’s doors remained opened, keeping a dim light burning – a glass filled to drink one’s sorrow.

Pao still remained with Paula during this time, never leaving her side. He was like a steady rock, keeping the cantina running while she raised and nurtured her daughter when Isa was at home. As the years went on and civil war loomed, everything seemed to start to fall apart. El Generale had seized control of the city-state in a military coup, running Bepe (Cassava’s President-cum-protectorate) out of the country. People were dying, disappearing – talks of rebellion began again through the walls of the cantina, this time louder – then to only…go silent.

Life seemed a bit dismal. But it continued. The Blue Lotus still kept it’s doors open. People walked into them and left through them. Paula and Pao saw to that each and everyday, even as her daughter Isa stayed in London, going to school, growing up – then working. It wasn’t until May of 2011 that Isa finally returned to Cassava, to the Lotus.

Paula Ora Carlona had passed away.

The Blue Lotus was officially Isabella Maria Radcliff’s. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

#5 ~ Bombs away...

The Real
Again I waited until the last moment to write. Not that I meant to, but it kind of just happened. Today was busy running around doing errands with my mom, getting ready for her and my dad's vacation, teaching my twenty year old brother to drive (yes...he's twenty..a late bloomer), and having to drive to campus to drop off things to the other brother, who doesn't have a car. I sometimes wonder if I'm just another "mom" in the making. Sister sure, but caregiver.

Tomorrow they leave for a week, which means that for a week, the youngest and I have the place to ourselves. Which means - no one to watch over my head. I kinda miss that. I miss living by myself. I've done it for so long, and finally when I moved back home, it felt so weird living with people again. Constantly having people walk in and out of my room at will. Looking over my shoulder. Questioning on what and why I do things. I had been so used to my own embodied closure that I am not used to the openness of having one snooping at my work. Especially on what I do at times. Even while I read.

It's annoying for sure.

I do wish they had a better craft beer selection down here. I'm craving.

The Paradise
Four more days.

Some things got set aside. Busy time on the forums, and we got some more applications. I had to laugh a little as I read some of them. Don't get me wrong - people are allowed their own devices and stories when roleplaying. This is THEIR fantasy. But it's a trip to read and see what some do think of. It makes you wonder why some get labeled as they do. It's all relative.

I still need to write up the Blue Lotus' background. Urgh.

The Fashion
SIMS!  Love finding a really nice sim and then...why do they always put a piece of silly prim in the middle of it to completely ruin the whole ambience?

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* ::XmasGift2011:: *PALE*BT
Shape: My own
Make-Up: None
Hair: [Shag] Voulez-Vous (Roots) - Butterscotch
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Gray

Jacket: R.icielli - ALEXANDRA Leather Python Jacket - TDR
Tank-Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie - Incanto Red - Sheer - TDR
Pants: Maitreya - Leather Leggings - Oil (MESH)
Shoes: *G-Field* Flower Pumps "Eve" - Red

Gloves: Izzie's - Leather Gloves - Dark Grey
Ring: R.icielli - IRIS Skull Ring / Gold - TDR
Purse: ::Duh!:: Little Black Clutch (DIMH)

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: R.icielli Main Store
Listening: Imogen Heap "First Train Home"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#4 ~ Vacation can't last forever...

The Real
... The desire to write tonight is not there. Maybe I should try to write in the morning. Or afternoon. I think I'm just too frustrated.

The Paradise
Five more days. So much to do.

The Fashion
Christmas gift from Kris. About time I get to wear some swimwear...

Skin: -Glam Affair- Layla Light - tropicana BL *TDR*
Make-UP: =[Pom.Pon]= Beauty-Spot-Lip-Tattoo
Make-Up: cheLLe - (eyeliner) EyePop Tangerine
Make-Up: Grixdale - Body Shoppe - Powder - Blush (20%)
Make-Up: -Glam Affair- Tattoo Layer 01
Hair: >TRUTH< Kalia Streaked - Swedish

Bikini: LeeZu~ - Boho Bikini - Yellow
Shoes: [Gos] Espadrilles - In Bloom
Bag: Tres Blah Group Gift
Sunglasses: Apple May Designs - Big Shades (With Love Hunt)

Pose: Olive Juice & GLITTERATI
Location: Cassava Island
Listening: Pasty Cline "Crazy"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#3 ~ Heading...

The Real
Studied. One job post. Headache.
Had a doctors appointment to remove the skin blemish that has been dogging me for a few weeks now, so no more pain and bleeding. Just going to have a scar to deal with now. I just feel so tired.

The Paradise

The Fashion
Why can I never find good sims to take pictures in?

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin Paige Warmth Group Gift
Shap: My own
Make-Up: [Misc. Inc.] I Love Liner - Lust 1
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Summer Wheat 
Hair: [Shag] Falling Slowly (bangs) - Autumn (Seasons Hunt)
Eyelashes: Mynerva

Jacket: {SMS} Fur Shrug
Shirt: -paper.doll- Sydney Black dress (With Love Hunt)
Pants: =Zenith= 3/4 Black Leggings
Boots: [GOS] Curvaceous Boots

Necklace: [ glow ] studio - Crosses Necklace - Gold
Earrings: Osakki // Flat Disks - Copper
Bracelets: Osakki // HAMUR. MetalCuff Copper
Bag: .:vive9:. Evonne Fringed Bag in Brunt Orange (With Love Hunt)

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: Missing Mile - Soap
Listening: Tori Amos "Girl"

Monday, January 2, 2012

#2 ~ You don't know jack...

The Real
As the day begun, I could only think that my to do list was something I needed to start doing. The first being was to actually get up. Second, I was to actually get on the ball and do SOMETHING. It's strange being without work. Being without a job. I haven't been jobless for a very long time, and to be without one, especially for the type of person I am, gives me a feeling that my self worth isn't fulfilled.

Now I did have a job. But when I finally decided to go back to school (grad school that is) there was many things that I needed to do and one of those things was actually leaving the job I was currently at. I was going to be moving out of state, moving back in with the rents, de-cluttering my life, basically tossing my whole world into a massive upheaval of ...well a whirl wind.

So now I play the job hunting game.

I wish I could say that the feeling was easy, or at least - exciting, but in a way, it's not. It's nerve racking. You don't want to settle for less, but you're dismayed due to the extensive amount of qualifications 'needed' for a job. You must have this, or this much experience, or this much schooling. I know it's part of the reason why I'm going back to school. Even if I'm now eight months off my schedule. But, hey - it will save me $20,000. I will take it. Still, it's a bit heartbreaking, knowing you have so much knowledge sitting inside, and years of experience, yet there might be a few things you lack. Should that be tossed out? I'm not sure...

The Paradise
We are a week out from the grand opening of the sim. As Kris is finishing the build, the rest of us are putting on the finishing touches, well trying.

Working on a sim is not easy. It's a collaboration of people's ideas and thoughts. It's our dreams brought to fruition. Of course, we have our bumps and grinds, but what sim doesn't?

I've been itching to role-play for a little over two months now. Ever since Perdition closed, I haven't really been able to find a sim that has made me feel as comfortable to actually story-tell again, and because I now have this vision in my head of who my character is for Paradise Lost and Isa is ready to come out and play.

As for the next week: recruitment, building, NPC stories, more stories for the archives. I have to still write up the story for the Blue Lotus. We need a staff meeting. That will be done through Skype. All five of us are scattered throughout the world: me in Memphis, one in Canada, another on the west coast, one in England, and on in UAE. We are amazing.

The Fashion
It's a burning desire, but since the sim will open my shopping will have to slow...

Skin: :Plastik: Aleksandra - Ginger
Shape: My own
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Tableau Lashes *FREE Gift*
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear)
Hair: ::Exile:: Veronique - Autumn/Fawn *Group Gift*
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Summer Wheat - Special Hunt Freebie
Tattoo: :Plastik: Feathers - worn

Sweater: [ SAKIDE ] Posh Winter White *With Love Hunt*
Skirt: [Aura] Bullet Proof - Ruffled Pencil Skirt - Skull - Small (MESH)
Boots: FIR & MNA The Orann Boots - Brown *Last FLF*
Bag: PRISS - Lang Suede Satchel - Dark Brown *Group Gift*

Location: Great Eagle
Listening: Alice in Chains " Man in the Box"