Thursday, January 19, 2012

#18 ~ Socially acceptable...

The Real
I've always been addicted to social media. Been in the know. Been into computers and the whatnot. I MySpaced, I Twittered, I telneted, I AOLed, I chatroomed, I have done it all. I still like to do it. Sometimes it does it get overwhelming and now and then it does stop me in my tracks and I have to take a step back and say....WHOA.

But then I jump back in like a kid in the bouncy ball room. Weeeeeeeee!

The Paradise
"Get together...right now...over me"... "hot time..summer in the city..."

The body count is rising. The Peacekeepers are making trouble by burning the clinic down, while the Rebels are shouting for blood. The locals are caught in the middle. caught standing in the square, not knowing what to do..or where to precede.

The Fashion
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