Monday, January 9, 2012

#9 ~ My world for a song...

The Real

I want to believe in fairy tales. I want to believe that there is something out there to make this world…a little bit better.

So where do we find it?

Do we latch on to delusions of things? Conjure up mysteries and mayhem to excite us? Fabricate a person to worship and rejoice in, and make others believe?

Tell me why you follow down the path you’ve chosen. Was it instilled in you when growing up? Did you find your belief, your faith, or your non-existent feelings on your own?

How do you decide if you’re going to be a good person, or a person who cares only for themselves?

I want to believe in fairy tales. To blind my eyes with dreams of niceties, and fellow man. To drink heartily from the cup of life and not let those that spout hatred and perform atrocities bother my soul.

But as an adult, I’m no longer allowed to believe in fairy tales. I’m no longer allowed to believe that peace will reign one day. That our Earth will stop weeping. That our children, and our future generations will see the good that we have sowed, instead of the bad.

If I am allowed to believe, and within, belief in myself, then I won’t worry about the persecution that may come from what I chose to follow.

I’m following a fairy tale.

The Paradise
We opened today. Good turn out. A little drama. "Oh I can't play here because so and so plays here and she's a whore." Uh...what? Hello? Kettle calling one black? We're all whores. Welcome to Second Life. Whore is an everyday word. Get used to it.

The Fashion
I've been reading a lot of J.D. Robb. Eve. Inspired.

Skin: :[Plastik]:-Aleria - Sandcastle-Flush (FLF)
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Hair: ::Exile:: Betty Lou - Midnight (Purple bow) (TDR)
Eyes: :[Plastik]:-Haunt Collection - Hera's Gold (FLF)

Jacket: .:A&M:. Punk Baby Outfit Leather Jacket
Shirt: -Tres Blah- C88 Graphic Tee - Leopard Cross (C88)
Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Moto Pants Beige (Fashionably Late)
Shoes: [PM] Luna Leopard *MESH* (Group Gift)
Glasses: Alphavillain - Mathletics Sunglasses (large)
Earrings: [Aura] - Phosphorus - Club Hoops - Violet (Four Corners Event)

Parasol: The Sea Hole - Heron Parasol - Sunbeam
Gun: Titan Industries 92FS Beretta

Pose: GLITTERATI & Long Awkward Pose
Location: Sick
Listening: The Police "Murder By Numbers"


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