Thursday, January 5, 2012

#5 ~ Bombs away...

The Real
Again I waited until the last moment to write. Not that I meant to, but it kind of just happened. Today was busy running around doing errands with my mom, getting ready for her and my dad's vacation, teaching my twenty year old brother to drive (yes...he's twenty..a late bloomer), and having to drive to campus to drop off things to the other brother, who doesn't have a car. I sometimes wonder if I'm just another "mom" in the making. Sister sure, but caregiver.

Tomorrow they leave for a week, which means that for a week, the youngest and I have the place to ourselves. Which means - no one to watch over my head. I kinda miss that. I miss living by myself. I've done it for so long, and finally when I moved back home, it felt so weird living with people again. Constantly having people walk in and out of my room at will. Looking over my shoulder. Questioning on what and why I do things. I had been so used to my own embodied closure that I am not used to the openness of having one snooping at my work. Especially on what I do at times. Even while I read.

It's annoying for sure.

I do wish they had a better craft beer selection down here. I'm craving.

The Paradise
Four more days.

Some things got set aside. Busy time on the forums, and we got some more applications. I had to laugh a little as I read some of them. Don't get me wrong - people are allowed their own devices and stories when roleplaying. This is THEIR fantasy. But it's a trip to read and see what some do think of. It makes you wonder why some get labeled as they do. It's all relative.

I still need to write up the Blue Lotus' background. Urgh.

The Fashion
SIMS!  Love finding a really nice sim and then...why do they always put a piece of silly prim in the middle of it to completely ruin the whole ambience?

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* ::XmasGift2011:: *PALE*BT
Shape: My own
Make-Up: None
Hair: [Shag] Voulez-Vous (Roots) - Butterscotch
Eyes: .ID. December Gift / Gray

Jacket: R.icielli - ALEXANDRA Leather Python Jacket - TDR
Tank-Top: *Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie - Incanto Red - Sheer - TDR
Pants: Maitreya - Leather Leggings - Oil (MESH)
Shoes: *G-Field* Flower Pumps "Eve" - Red

Gloves: Izzie's - Leather Gloves - Dark Grey
Ring: R.icielli - IRIS Skull Ring / Gold - TDR
Purse: ::Duh!:: Little Black Clutch (DIMH)

Pose: Olive Juice
Location: R.icielli Main Store
Listening: Imogen Heap "First Train Home"


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