Friday, January 13, 2012

#13 The Learning Garden

The Real (circa 2007)

I've forever been a person, lost in the wonderment of my own childish ways. Gathered by the ever growing number of people that come into my life, I can only grasp so much from them the knowledge that they bestow.

With each bit, I cradle in my hands, like buds of spring flowers, ready to bloom for all to see. But mine seem to lay bare, naked without sun. They thirst for water, begging for a fulfillment that I may not reach.

I would be so careless to drop them, search out more that would bloom, or stuff them in my pockets for later use. I would love to scatter them and watch them flower, but for what? Knowledge that I may not use, or could not? I may not understand. I am a bit slow in a lot of things, my grasp of detail not precise and I cannot debate to save my life.

But then again, useless knowledge could come in handy. The ideas thrown around in my mind, bounce like rubber balls that we played with as children. Ideas that only I could probably understand, and would in turn try to make you understand. It would sound like garbled mess, but after my understanding, you would probably see a different me.

Every word that I listen to I take in. My mind can only take so much before it's been overloaded and processed. I would so merrily hop away, playing the lost girl forever in her garden, but to tend the garden, one needs to know how to keep it from growing wild. So with each brand new idea, I tend to the blooms, seeding the ground with the buds that I've been giving.

I have no green thumb.

Lost words tend to spring up and jumbled weeds take over most times. I work, pulling the uselessness from the ground, allowing the buds that have bloomed to breathe in. These I want to understand. These I want to learn from, the ones that blossom so fully for me. Take me for granted, this is how I try. This is not me playing the imbecile it's only me realizing that I cannot understand all. In actuality, are we suppose to know all?

Skin: MOJO - MARAIA - Group Gift *Christmas*
Shape: My Own
Make-Up: R.icielli - Freckles 1
Eyes: :[Plastik]:-Haunt Collection-Hera's Gold (FLF)
Hair: LekLuka - AWE hair "Marilyn" *Group Gift*

Shirt: The Sea Hole - Minna Blouse - Sunbeam (C88)
Skirt: The Sea Hole - Heron Skirt - Sunbeam (C88)
Boots: ~gateau~ drover boot - sandstone
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) Owl Necklace

Location: Lula
Listening: Stevie Nicks "Witchy Woman"


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