Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#17 ~ KISS...

The Real
Now I can sit here and feel sorry for myself and be like...blah blah blah..or I can actually do something about it. So the idea is for me to do something about my life.
But really...where are you to start?

If I knew where the starting line was, I think I could do this.

I am procrastinating on my dream.

The Paradise
We've been one week in now. So it's been going slow. And I get that. It's hard for people, especially in the roleplay community to leave areas that they are comfortable in, even if they sit there and complain that they are bored and that they want a new place to rp in.

So, you start and idea, and you bring it to life. People are excited. Your groups are filling up. Opening day arrives...and you have five dedicated people rping on the sim! Great! But where are the rest...you can only last for so long with those five..or ten. You need more in order to thrive and survive.

In Second Life, especially in the roleplay community, sims come and go every other month. Those that do make it, make it because they push the envelope and they have people there that can be online all the time running. I worry on our sim. We don't have that. We have five of us that can only do so much and we're all on at different times.

I do believe we have a good niche. We have a great story that Paradise Lost has and once people can get their groove on and actually start to write, they'll see how much they'll love the way it flows. The rules are simply, not constrictive. It's one thing we take pride on, the simple things. KISS. Too many rules kill a sim. Drama kills a sim. Lack of encouragement kills a sim.

You start somewhere.


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