Monday, December 19, 2011

Studying with Santa...

The GRE book sits open..the GMAIL calendar display is idle on my screen...upon screen...upon screen. I should get myself in order, but my mind is a mash of mix emotions that I can't even get intuned. Intuned. *checks to see* fuck it. Spelling has never been my best. Grammatical errors abound! That's what my marketing research professor stated over the semester. Great works - the discussions were wonderful, but the slight grammar errors. I write quite well, he said.

I'm trying hard to think. I really am. Rock bottom hurts. More so lately, cause I'm not sure where I am going with a lot of things. It's the "woe is me" angle I'm guessing. Back during the reign of MySpace, blogging used to be such an outlet that I could just write to my hearts content and people would read and people would comment and we'd have a little ball and that's where we'd go to get our woes and whatnots out. Now I wonder who will read this modge podge of stuff that is tossed into a blog. So random.

I will sit here and make up a calendar that will be the outlet that designs what I will do for my GRE. My GRE will allow me to go to graduate school in the fall to pursue my MBA. It's to better my life. To succeed, to advance. To make something. That's it. To be ... at least something. That's all we really want. Don't we all?

Skin: [CIA] Sofia Skin Natural - Red Lips (With Love Hunt)
Make-Up: [Misc. Inc.] I Love Line - Kindness 2
Hair: >TRUTH< BabyDoll 2 - Burgundy
Ears: :[P]: Lionheart Elven Ear - Myth

Sweater: [SAKIDE] Cashmere Pull White 1
Skirt: ::C'est la vie !:: retro print dress (League of Christmas Hunt)
Warmers: *BOOM* Arm Warmers - Christmas Edition *MESH* (League of Christmas Hunt)
Scarf: MALT - Green Scarf (KittyCat Advant 2011)
Socks: Modd.G = Trix Sheer Socks Green
Shoes: *G Field* Strap Shoes - Alex - Red
Mouth: :[P]: Omnom Holly-Double

Location: Three Moon Village
Listening: Michael Buble "Santa Baby"


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