Monday, January 2, 2012

#2 ~ You don't know jack...

The Real
As the day begun, I could only think that my to do list was something I needed to start doing. The first being was to actually get up. Second, I was to actually get on the ball and do SOMETHING. It's strange being without work. Being without a job. I haven't been jobless for a very long time, and to be without one, especially for the type of person I am, gives me a feeling that my self worth isn't fulfilled.

Now I did have a job. But when I finally decided to go back to school (grad school that is) there was many things that I needed to do and one of those things was actually leaving the job I was currently at. I was going to be moving out of state, moving back in with the rents, de-cluttering my life, basically tossing my whole world into a massive upheaval of ...well a whirl wind.

So now I play the job hunting game.

I wish I could say that the feeling was easy, or at least - exciting, but in a way, it's not. It's nerve racking. You don't want to settle for less, but you're dismayed due to the extensive amount of qualifications 'needed' for a job. You must have this, or this much experience, or this much schooling. I know it's part of the reason why I'm going back to school. Even if I'm now eight months off my schedule. But, hey - it will save me $20,000. I will take it. Still, it's a bit heartbreaking, knowing you have so much knowledge sitting inside, and years of experience, yet there might be a few things you lack. Should that be tossed out? I'm not sure...

The Paradise
We are a week out from the grand opening of the sim. As Kris is finishing the build, the rest of us are putting on the finishing touches, well trying.

Working on a sim is not easy. It's a collaboration of people's ideas and thoughts. It's our dreams brought to fruition. Of course, we have our bumps and grinds, but what sim doesn't?

I've been itching to role-play for a little over two months now. Ever since Perdition closed, I haven't really been able to find a sim that has made me feel as comfortable to actually story-tell again, and because I now have this vision in my head of who my character is for Paradise Lost and Isa is ready to come out and play.

As for the next week: recruitment, building, NPC stories, more stories for the archives. I have to still write up the story for the Blue Lotus. We need a staff meeting. That will be done through Skype. All five of us are scattered throughout the world: me in Memphis, one in Canada, another on the west coast, one in England, and on in UAE. We are amazing.

The Fashion
It's a burning desire, but since the sim will open my shopping will have to slow...

Skin: :Plastik: Aleksandra - Ginger
Shape: My own
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Tableau Lashes *FREE Gift*
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup - Miss Priss Lipgloss 1 (clear)
Hair: ::Exile:: Veronique - Autumn/Fawn *Group Gift*
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Summer Wheat - Special Hunt Freebie
Tattoo: :Plastik: Feathers - worn

Sweater: [ SAKIDE ] Posh Winter White *With Love Hunt*
Skirt: [Aura] Bullet Proof - Ruffled Pencil Skirt - Skull - Small (MESH)
Boots: FIR & MNA The Orann Boots - Brown *Last FLF*
Bag: PRISS - Lang Suede Satchel - Dark Brown *Group Gift*

Location: Great Eagle
Listening: Alice in Chains " Man in the Box"


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