Saturday, February 4, 2012

#31 ~ Good

Writings (from 2009)

When I thought maybe for sure that things would turn around, Bad things would happen, which would mean Good would have been just around the corner. I waited for it, a bit impatiently like all things I do and when Good came around the corner, I snatched it up, holding close to my chest, feeling it squiggly for release. I wasn’t going to let go.

But I would have to let go of Good in order to let it flourish, so I did. I watched it sit there, blink its eyes at me and speak in gargled noises that it was going to do fine. See! Everything will be okay. Such relief. For once – life would be on track. So, I let Good go on its way to do its deed. And I waited…and waited…

Good came hopping back – showing me its treasures that it had found on its hunt to make the most of a happy life. Here! , it squeaked. Take! Memories of laughter, music for lovers, good food, a sprinkle of friends. Here! An opportunity to advance, to make better. Move on…Good giggled in response.

Yet, in my impatient haste I stumbled. I dropped Good’s presents into the dirt, letting them fester in the muck of disdain and sorrow. I watched the millions of arms grab hold of Good’s gift and suck the light from its soul. I could do nothing but allow the sweet stench of misery to begin its hover toward me. Good only blinked, gargled nonsense, hop to and fro. I reached for Good, hoping it would see my need, my desires, but Good hopped further back, finally turning around and disappearing down the hole.

I followed, finally bending down to look inside the undergrowth he had slipped through. What I saw would amaze me…I saw only…myself.


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