Monday, December 12, 2011


The last time I took a pen to paper was probably a couple years ago. Back then, it was easy to do. I would take an empty notebook, grab the first black pen I could find (I abhor blue) and write till I couldn't. Of course, during those times, I was going through troubles that most people tend to go through: messy relationships, the language of love, finding that love, trying to keep that love, and most often - just trying to live LIFE.

Writing though shouldn't be hard. It used to flow so easily. Like water, when I would turn a faucet on, and it would would gush out. So much that I couldn't keep up with it. Or maybe, during my blogging years on MySpace, I just liked the feeling of people reading. Maybe that's what I want again. Who's going to read this now? I'm not sure. For many - me, really...I just need an outlet. Outlet to get things out.

Nothing is really going to be spoken real. Nor is it going to be spoken false. Realism will be found in the posts I'm sure of it, and I'm sure that what I will write about - the people are real, and those people will have names, even if I change them to keep it safe and behind closed (or screened doors).

Random things will happen. Random links. Sites. Media. LIFE. What happens. Ramblings. Yes, I still ramble. I don't think I ever stopped.

Le final project is due tomorrow. Our RP sim opens in a couple weeks. I'm ready to get down, dirty, gritty and make the most of my character. I'm ready to create.

And I want snow.

Skin: Grixdale - Ren - Sugar - Clover *Retired*
Make-Up: PIDIDDLE - Chapped Lips & Cheeks / Full Face/ Teeth
Hair: >TRUTH< Snow Kitty - Carob

Dress: **[ Riddle ]** Winter Blues Dress - Grey
Tights: **[ Riddle ]** Cozy TIghts - Light Grey
Boots: magi take engineer boots [gray]

Pose: flowey


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